The joy of gifting in Diwali- Perfect gifts for the corporate world

Diwali comes bearing with itself and brings in the festive mood. People are generally happier during this time of the year and focus a lot of spreading the joy of love for their near and dear ones. However, it isn’t just family with whom we exchange the joy and happiness of Diwali. this festival consumes the corporate life as well.

A lot of people get into a fix when it comes to gifting for Diwali in corporate life. Offices and companies want to buy diwali gifts for employees. We have curated a list for you if you’re looking for gifting ideas for your office this festive season.

Gifting clients

They are the most important sources of your business, hence you want them to be highly impressed with the kind of gifts that you give on during Diwali. Some cool ideas are gifting them boxes of chocolates and construct gift baskets for them with the best chocolates and dry fruits of the season. For important clients, you can give them lamps which they might use on their desks. The soft ambient lighting ones are perfect for this kind of gifts, staying true to the vision of Diwali that everyone believes in their heart to be.

You can also go green this Diwali and gift your client’s potted plants which look not only very elegant but also serve as a gift from conscious beings of the society, setting a corporate trend.

Another idea is to gift them laptop bags and pens with the logo of your company on it, which also makes a cool promotional way to send out gifts and is ideal for marketing as well.

Another thing which you can do is send them a small letter with the gifts saying why you value them as clients. Make sure that this message works for every client. Keep in mind that it needs to be same to avoid further issues between clients.

For employees, gifting is much personal and highly necessary. They form the backbone of your institution. You can think along the lines of pen drives and stationery, which although is very tried and tested, still make great corporate gifts. You can also throw in a gift basket of premier chocolates. You can go for personalized diaries, card holders, desk stands etc, and for top management, you can give T-shirts and pens also. For the lower level of staff such as janitors and peons, you can offer gift baskets of interesting food items and T-shirts with the logo of your company printed on it.

Apart from this, one can even throw in an exciting event such as a Diwali potluck party and have prizes such as I pads, kindles etc. However this is an extra initiative that you can take, and it creates a lot of joy and excitement in the office.

So go out today and select the best gift of Diwali for you and your office!