Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients

Wondering what to get your clients as a Diwali gift? Based on the tradition of the festival it should be showered in your emotion and gratefulness and should reflect your warm feelings towards them, so where possible make it a personal touch. In the corporate world it is beneficial to ensure that the Diwali gift you give is reflective of your business. Here we have some great ideas that you can use for your business to keep your clients happy!

Silver is a traditional gift for Diwali – it can come in many shapes and forms and can be significantly representative of your company’s style and ethics. Choose something that is useful for the recipient and reflective of your business. Ganesh Silver Coins (or Lakshmi) are very popular, as is jewellery and artistic centrepieces for the home.

On that note, home decorations are a wonderful gift idea for Diwali because they require personal taste and careful selection, demonstrating to the recipient that you have truly thought about what you are giving them and how it is suitable for them. Then, if you have chosen it to reflect your company, you will be first in your client’s mind when they see the special piece in their home. Things can include paintings, table centrepieces, sculptures, lamps – anything that can go on display in their home.

For the female client diamonds are always a lavish and bold choice and rarely disappointing! Diamonds symbolise aesthetic elegance and beauty and show the recipient that you think the same of them. Dazzle them with a diamond pendant, necklace or home artwork that they will cherish for years to come, and be flattered at the time you took to choose something so elegant for them.

Sweets and Dried fruits are always a popular choice. While not overly personal there is rarely a client who doesn’t like to partake in eating sweets and who is never grateful for a sweet gift. It is said that no festival or celebration is complete without something sweet – Diwali is no different. Lollies, chocolates and candies of all kinds are a popular Diwali gift and can be packaged beautifully to be representative of your company’s ethos.

Dried fruits are also a common Diwali gift – they can be exquisitely presented and there are so many varieties that it is a delicacy that people often do not purchase for themselves. They are a wonderful gift to give at Diwali just before the winter sets in and because they keep for long periods of time can be enjoyed on cold, winter nights.

Hampers are by far the best way to go for a Diwali gift if you just cannot make a decision on what to get – you can create a mixture of different things! Remember to keep in mind your company brand when putting a hamper together and you simply cannot go wrong. Add lollies, chocolates, dried fruit, silver gifts and decorative homewares to the hamper to make the complete, personalised gift for your client and ultimately make them feel truly valued by your company.